DragonVale by Alexi

Dragonvale is about getting habitats and raising dragons in your nursery.  Their are air, lightning, fire, grass, rainbow, water, earth, ice, and fusion dragons.  You can also get decorations so people will come to your island. You have to wait every time you get a habitat and dragon egg or you can use gems to make eggs and habitats come faster.  If your island is full you have to buy more areas by getting to high levels and getting cool dragons. You can also unlock dragons and habitats by gaining levels and clearing plants and stones to make room for habitats, eggs, and dragons. Be sure to check back in next time for all things cool!

DragonVale Gameplay



4 Responses to “DragonVale by Alexi”

  1. That does sound awesome. I’m going to tell Leo and bela.

  2. Great review – makes me want to check out the game and play it!

  3. Love the review. Very nice.

  4. nice work!! I will def check this one out!

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